Getting Involved By Providing Information

Thanks for taking an interest.

Below is a general form. Regardless of the question, this form should serve as a gateway to the answers required.

Please read the scenarios below. They will help you identify what we are so desperately trying to ask.

Ex. 1. Employers. Are graduating students actually adequately prepared to enter your industrys workforce? Doesn’t matter to us if you talk about graduating from a Trade School, or incoming Engineers or Teachers or Nurses. When a student graduates and they enter your Company as a new hire – are they basically prepared to be worth the money you need to invest?

Ex. 2. To all the Education Professionals. What are you missing? What are the issues that handicap your ability to teach effectively? What needs to change in order for your students to be fully prepared for the next grade or stage in the academic process?

Ex. 3. To our frontline Nurses and Doctors. You hear the complaints from your patients. You work within a system that has its own issues. Many of you are fully aware of the problems that you face and most importantly you know the solutions. What are they and what needs to be done?

Ex. 4. To those involved in our Justice System. There are many discussions about what is broken and what needs to be done to fix it. By fix it, we mean – get it back to crime = punishment. Where Justice is handled by the blindfolded Lady holding the scales. What do you need? What needs to change?

I hope you get our request. Regardless of your Industry, or where you have issue there are problems and many of you have ideas or possible solutions. Farmers, Welders, Engineers, Business Owners, Stay At Home Moms, Parents in General, Youth… what do we really need to fix to make Alberta Strong?

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