Wake Up Alberta !

You are some of the smartest, hard working people in the Country.

As individuals we can do only so much. But working together we can be amazing.

There is a small group of us. We have a secure and immediate plan to jump start the Alberta economy. Not in 10 years, but immediately.

An incredible “Alberta Strong” go forward plan, that takes our Economy out of the hands of the Rich and Powerful, out of the hands of the Special Interest Groups, and out of the hands of Federal and International interference.

But before we go Public with our plan, we need your help.

There are those who will not want us to succeed. There will be those who will work tirelessly and endlessly to maintain their stranglehold on Alberta.

If you experienced people contribute some of your knowledge and expertise, we can be prepared with a plan that not only can take us successfully into the future immediately but will safeguard the futures of generations to come.

Is Alberta’s immediate future and the future of the next generations worth a one or two hour investment of your time?

If it is – click here.