HHG started more then ** cough, cough** thirty years ago. Originally performed in a Live venue in Lake Louise. And then truly launched in a great bar in Calgary, AB. The whole process evolved to more then 400 shows per week, in 28 cities, in two Countries.


Initial format included a round of 40’s Through 60’s. A round of 70’s. Country. And lastly 80’s Plus. Tapes, massive speakers, amplifiers, and highly expensive wireless mics, and back then we thought this was high tech. Cueing up music for hours before the show.


From Sharon K, who I think might just have passed me for most shows. James C, probably one of the most charismatic entertainers, Mike C, who truly represents one of the most consistent performers, and even the young Americans Tommy B and Brian K – we’ve had more then our share of superlative Entertainers.


The original online presentation was fraught with issues back in the early 90’s. Lag… OMG. It was terrible. And then applications that morphed into some unknown collection of clips. We hope our new technology is more stable and reliable


where we started

There was this piano player I saw who was packing them in named Gary Thomas. I saw him when I was working in Lake Louise. He was doing a variation of the show that I barely vaguely remember because it was so contagious that there were a few too many cocktails consumed. A couple weeks later it was a quiet night at the bar I was DJ’ing in so I gave it a go. Horrible by my standards today, but extremely engaging. A few years later, with James C, we did it for real in Calgary. And it grew from there.