Play Music X Name This Tune


HHG Radio is first and foremost a station and website for you to participate in. Whether it is a challenging Political conversation or some fun games. This specifically is for the fun game side of things.

Music X – Alberta has been performing Live Game Shows, specifically HHG Name This Tune for almost 30 years. Typically these performances have been for Corporate Clients or in Bars & Pubs around North America. But now, we have adapted our show to include these LIVE and Recorded broadcasts.

Like everyone else, we do try and keep things lively, with quite a number of different shows but mostly during the week. Each week day at 10am (MST) and at 4pm (MST) you will be able to participate in a quick 5 song quiz simply by tuning in to You can also sign up for either our Free Play or League Play and get more music challenges each week day.

You might never win BIG Prizes, because these games are for FUN & bragging rights only with the odd sponsor’s giveaway for our League Play Members. So please keep the FUN part in mind.