Now, we will never intentionally change your score, or mark a correct answer wrong – but we do have the great equalizer!

I will make it simple. You can’t win a new car or a million bucks. So why cheat? But there has to be a mechanism that levels the playing field, so to speak. And that is us.

We have a couple rules.

  1. Don’t yell out the answers. Please – no matter how excited you are, please do not post the answers or what you think are the answers in the chat. That will get you banned.
  2. When we make suggestions for you to do something – you might want to consider participating in it.
  3. Sometimes we intentionally try and mess you up. But remember, it is the same for everyone. Don’t whine about it. Whining, bitching, or complaining may result in a loss of points or banning.
  4. We cheat. If you accept that we will cheat equally. And understand that we are human. Then anything we do by mistake is just that. Ooops’s happen.