Super Showdown


This is for League Play ONLY.

But we are showing everyone what is happening behind the scenes.

Super Showdown is a week long event. To participate you must be a League Play Member. Your score from the week will come from the daily online game play of 25 songs each. Will include your submitted participation points. The “Live” show totals. And a couple of new “Lyrics” twists we are adding.

In order to play, your Registration is key. It will ask the best time to contact you, what phone number to reach out to you at, and the day(s) you are available to be contacted. The best you can answer these, the better for everyone.

You can play the daily contests any place you can get an internet connection. Regardless of if it is the online or live components. A cell phone to capture your participation videos is a good thing too. But for the “Lyrics” part, a cell phone to be contacted directly while you are near your computer is best.